Warning: Graphic Content

I was recently sent this example of the type of online bullying that we’re talking about in these posts. I’m not going to say too much about it, because I think it speaks for itself.

This is part of an actual message recently sent to a 14 year old girl:


I don’t know how I’d deal with this type of thing on a daily basis – and I’m 42. God knows how young teenagers are coping. Clearly, in tragic cases such as Izzy Dix – they aren’t.

This type of aggression is poison. It is quite literally killing our children.

There might not be a way to stamp out this type of behavior – some would argue that it’s simply a part of the human condition; to single out and attack those that are perceived as ‘different’. Maybe that’s true. I hope it isn’t. Maybe the continued efforts to drive home the notion that ‘love, tolerance and kindness are the answer’ as a force for good really is the way forward.

A lot of bullies however don’t know love, tolerance and kindness because they’ve never been shown it. These are abstract words to them. Life is a circle, and patterns repeat. Not to say that long term change isn’t necessary and indeed achievable but in the meantime – right now – today in fact – SO many children are facing the type of toxic vitriol shown above. Those kids can’t wait for the bullies to come around to the idea that love is the answer. Those kids are falling by the wayside as we speak. Those kids need strength and support now – they need to be remind again and again that they are not alone, that we are here for them and that they not the bullies are the majority and are by far the strongest force of all.

I want to keep reminding them. I want you to keep writing in and sharing your stories. I want us to offer some small token of a more immediate antidote to this poison; a place to see first-hand that alongside love there is unity. By coming together, reading each other’s stories, recognizing patterns and feeling less singled-out, these kids just might find it within themselves to weather the storm and not succumb to the most tragic of self-sacrificial ‘solutions’.

Keep writing. Keep sharing.



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