Infant Wisdom

My daughter is about to turn eight months. She’s teaching me and reminding me of so much. Wanted to thank her her by sharing my favourite observations so far:

1. It’s okay to simply reach for the things you want. Don’t second guess yourself.

2. It’s okay to discard the things that no longer inspire you. Release it. Let it go.

3. Laugh out loud whenever the desire takes you. Don’t hold back. Don’t worry about the noise or what others might think. Express yourself honestly. Nine times out of ten people won’t mind.

4. Let your frustrations be known. Don’t hold it in. Things won’t change if you don’t draw attention to them.

5. If you want or need a hug, initiate it. You’ll be making two people happier, guaranteed.

6. Lose yourself in the details. Pause and wonder at the way light bounces off a polished chrome tap, or how the bark of a tree feels to the touch of an outstretched fingertip…

7. Thinking of yourself is not the same as being selfish. Make yourself happy, and watch everyone else’s smile widen.

8. Be honest with how you feel. If you like something, celebrate it. If it doesn’t work for you, find something that does.

9. Dare to make positive assumptions. If you fall on your ass it might sting for a moment, but rest assured there’ll be a pair of helping hands nearby. Don’t resist them – sometimes we all need a little outside help.

– Thank you darlin’ x

Eliza Jane Ashy Boyd, born August 31st 2012
Darren John Boyd, re-born August 31st 2012

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